How to remove ‘faux-stains’ from the water-filled decks of your condo apartment building

The water-soaked decks that line many condominiums in Canada are typically painted black.

But a few years ago, a company called Completix Deck Solutions made a few changes to the deck sealers.

Now, the company offers custom deck sealings that are designed to help water-resistant surfaces last longer.

And the result is a new trend that’s changing the way you and your neighbors view your condo apartments.

READ MORE: COMPICTIX DECK SEALERS: A primer on the new deck sealing technology. 

The water-proofing process involves a solution that reacts with the water’s surface.

This reaction forms a coating that protects the surface of the deck from water and corrosion.

The coating can then be removed.

The company’s “water-resistant” sealers are designed specifically to withstand the elements and the elements can cause some of the damage that has plagued many condos in the past.

But they’re also designed to be durable.

That means the deck is waterproof.

And now, Completices new deck seals are being made for condo units built in Canada and Mexico. 

Completix offers its own proprietary sealant, called Waterproof Deck Sealer, in addition to its own custom deck sealing system.

Its a slightly thicker and more durable version of the Completice Deck Seal, but it has a thicker and less porous surface.

The new coating is a mixture of water and glycerin, which forms a water barrier.

The glycerins act as a sponge and absorb water from the surface. 

COMPICEX DECK SEALERS: Completely water resistant. 

This is the new sealant that Completicks new water-friendly deck seal. 

A quick primer on Completics new water resistant deck seal system. 

As you might expect, the new water permeability means the new system is a lot more durable than previous sealants. 

But Completis new deck sealing technology is not meant to be used in conjunction with existing sealers and other water-absorbing materials.

It works best with water-resisting, weatherproofing materials. 

And the new Completicis coating works great with both concrete and non-concrete surfaces.

The company recommends coating concrete to ensure it will be water-retaining. 

For example, if you’re building a new condo, Completion can recommend a water-wicking coating, or it can recommend the new coating for non-condo floors. 

To make sure your new Completion deck sealant is water-repellent, you can spray it on before installing it in your new condo.

But that won’t make it waterproof. 

“Water resistance is not a feature that we can provide for a new product, because it is not water-protected,” said Mark McNeill, vice president of communications for Completies. 

So if you have a deck that’s water-sensitive, you’ll want to avoid the new completix sealant until you’re comfortable with it. 

Read more about the Completion Deck Sealers water- resistant deck sealing process. 

If you’re interested in the new waterproof deck seal, the Comptix Deck sealer is currently available for $150 per unit. 

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