Why is Trump still tweeting?

We’re still waiting for the President to answer.

The fact is, Trump is still tweeting.

We’re just not sure how he’s doing it.

On Saturday morning, he tweeted, “We need strong borders and extreme vetting.

But we also need smart immigration & strong border security.”

It’s a pretty straightforward line to take.

If you were to look at it in isolation, it might sound reasonable.

If we were to take the President’s tweets in isolation (without considering his policies), he’s been remarkably consistent on the border and immigration.

He’s made it clear that he wants to build a wall, he wants a more stringent vetting system, and he wants his border wall built.

But in context, he’s also been remarkably inconsistent on the specifics of the border security and immigration policies he wants.

There are many reasons why he’s not always making these promises.

But the fact is that his tweets are coming out as if he believes they’re realistic.

In a way, that’s how he perceives the world.

It’s how the world sees him.

As he tweeted on Sunday, the reason he’s tweeting about the border wall is because he’s convinced that the country is “open for business.”

There’s nothing wrong with that statement.

But it’s important to remember that this is Trump, and the President doesn’t just believe in open borders.

He also believes that the world is open for business.

In other words, he believes that he’s open to people coming in from outside of his borders, and that it will be good for the country.

In the words of Trump, “we can do whatever we want.”

This is the Trump of the 1980s.

It was Trump who said that he would build a “big, beautiful wall” to keep Mexicans out of the United States.

And in a country where immigrants are routinely arrested for immigration violations, it’s clear that Trump is not averse to trying to bring in immigrants who are criminal or in some other way illegal.

And as the Pew Research Center notes, Trump has been trying to use the word “amnesty” to describe the idea that the border is open, but the United Nations estimates that about 20 million people would have applied for citizenship before President Obama took office.

As the Pew report notes, that would make the U.S. the world’s most generous amnesty program.

And this is the part where we should pause to remind ourselves that Trump has spent the last eight years advocating for and implementing policies that will lead to millions of illegal immigrants being granted citizenship.

In his first 100 days in office, Trump pushed for the construction of a “million-mile-long border wall.”

In his second 100 days, he pushed for a “border wall” that he said would be able to withstand a “major storm” that would cause a wall to “burst in a few hours.”

Trump is now claiming that the wall will be “up and running by the end of the year,” but it’s still not clear if he will have the necessary infrastructure to construct the wall.

In addition, as we have noted before, the U:D.A. has warned that a “massive, long-term wall” could take decades to build.

The U.N. estimates that there are more than 4.5 million undocumented immigrants in the U, making the country the world over the largest source of undocumented immigrants, according to the Uyghur People’s Human Rights Defenders Office.

In response to this, Trump said on Twitter that he is “going to build the great wall that we need.”

We should also note that Trump isn’t the only president who has made claims that have not been borne out by his policies.

After the Paris attacks, Trump tweeted, “If we do not stop the Islamic State, ISIS will become a thing of the past.

The United States will become the greatest threat to the world and to its citizens ever.”

The next day, he said, “ISIS will be defeated.”

Trump then tweeted, “(A)s a practical matter, we have to make it so that they cannot infiltrate the United Kingdom.”

In fact, the British government, led by Prime Minister Theresa May, has acknowledged that it has “no ability to intercept communications coming in and out of terrorist networks operating from overseas.”

And as we pointed out in a recent report, the State Department has repeatedly said that the U.-K.

border is “not secure,” and that “it is unlikely” that it would be.

The truth is, the United State has a serious border security problem.

There’s no question that the number of people entering the U in recent years has been a lot higher than it was just a few years ago.

And we’re not even going to get into the fact that there is a real threat of terrorism from countries like Iran, Syria, and North Korea.

The problem with Trump’s “big wall” claim is that it’s not backed up by any concrete plans to actually build a border wall.

If Trump wants to claim that he

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