Why is there a lack of diversity at the top of the British arts scene?

The number of white men in the arts has reached a crisis point.

From the moment of the birth of the arts in the mid-20th century, Britain has been overwhelmingly white.

And it is only a matter of time before it reaches the same state of insignificance that it has reached in the US.

This has been particularly stark with the rise of the internet, where the most popular online music, movies, television and music videos have been written and recorded by people of colour.

The BBC has commissioned a documentary on the rise and history of the white British voice in the British media.

But the BBC’s new series, Atom Composition, argues that, as a nation, we are failing to address the problem. 

The documentary follows a team of artists from the BBC and BBC Scotland to interview people of all races and nationalities to explore the issues surrounding white British representation in the media and in the public sphere.

This is not an academic project.

This documentary is being made for the wider public. 

And yet there are few, if any, white British people at the BBC.

That is because we have been given an identity that is largely based on class and race.

The documentary, which will be broadcast on BBC One on the 8 March, is a collaboration between the BBC World Service and BBC World in Focus.

It focuses on the role of artists, composers, filmmakers, writers, actors, public figures and even musicians in British history and culture.

And, as with all documentaries, the project is in its infancy, so there is a lot of learning and research to be done before the BBC can present this documentary in full. 

In addition to the BBC, the film will also feature a series of documentaries about Britain’s past.

These will be shown in the autumn and will be available on the BBC iPlayer.

But before we go any further, let’s talk about what it means to be a white British person today. 

Whiteness and class are the same thing in Britain The BBC has been working with artists and composers of colour to find ways to represent different ethnic groups in the UK. 

This was a long time coming.

In 2010, a BBC documentary about the history of music made a point of talking about the way white musicians had historically represented the British ethnic community.

They were considered the most prominent ethnic group in the country and they played such a key role in the development of the music industry in Britain. 

But white musicians of colour did not have a voice in Britain until the 1970s. 

White musicians were often overlooked by the wider music industry, which only really started to consider them in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

That was a time when white artists were under attack.

In 1971, the BBC aired a documentary about white British musicians in a bid to change that. 

It was called  The Rise of the Artists. 

What did the documentary say?

The documentary is based on interviews with people of diverse ethnic backgrounds and ethnicity, including: the director of the BBC Television Service, Ian Bremmer, and the head of the Music Academy, Professor David Sainsbury.

The programme is a celebration of the history and future of British music. 

There are three themes that underpin the programme: the importance of white British composers and artists; the importance and power of composers in the history, culture and economy of the country; and the history-making power of white musicians in Britain today.

The documentary shows how white British music was written, recorded and produced in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

There is also an emphasis on how the composers’ voices have been forgotten, or silenced, by the music press. 

Why did they have to be listened to?

The BBC’s documentary highlights the many different ways white British voices have gone missing from the mainstream music industry.

One of the most significant and important of these was the white composers.

The black composers were not considered the ‘top of the range’ composers at the time, as they were in the South East, while the white players in the North East and West were considered to be the ‘classical’ compositors. 

At the time of the documentary, compositors like Bernard Barenboim and Andy Gibb were writing and recording music in the BBC Studios.

They had previously worked for BBC Radio 1 and were working as musicians on the radio.

But they were only paid the same as the musicians who were working for them. 

They were the ones who were not given a break.

This was a crucial time for British music, as black musicians were excluded from the public realm. 

By the mid 80s, white composators like Ian Curtis were writing music for television and radio.

This meant that black composators were not able to reach the wider audience for which they were known. 

When the BBC began to include white compositors on the musical programme, they started to get

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