This pattern of beads and flowers is just the beginning

This is the first in a series of three articles on a fascinating puzzle made by the ancient Egyptians, and the final article will show how to create it yourself.

The puzzle has been in the family for more than a millennium.

It is one of the most intriguing pieces of Egyptian artefacts, with its geometric pattern of dots and triangles made of thousands of small, irregularly shaped beads and the flowers they contain.

It was first uncovered in 2005 by the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Archaeology and the Royal College of Surgeons, and a team led by the university’s Richard A. Coyle studied it over a decade and a half.

Coyle said it was a very special piece of work because it was made by an ancient Egyptian, and that it had been found in an area where no previous work had been done.

“We knew we were looking at an archaeological site that had been under threat for a long time,” he said.

“This piece of artwork has been here since the beginning of the 20th century.”

Dr Coyle said the Egyptians believed they had discovered the first “true” artefact, because the piece’s patterns were different to those found in the pyramids and tombs.

“It’s a really remarkable piece of art that has a lot of different patterns,” he told ABC Radio.

“And it’s quite striking in the way that it’s made.”

When you think about the scale of the thing, it’s not like anything we’ve seen before.

“But the Egyptians weren’t the only ones who believed they’d discovered something truly amazing.

Archaeologists from the University in London were also looking for the “true artefact”, and found it on another piece of the puzzle in the same area, called Qabouna.”

The whole puzzle was a little bit of a puzzle and we had to solve it one by one,” Dr Coyle told ABC.”

But when you find a puzzle like that, it gives you a sense of satisfaction.

“Dr Atherton said the artefact had been “very difficult to find”, but he had the chance to see it.”

There are lots of pieces that are very difficult to get and very good to see,” he explained.”

I think there is something special about this one.

“What you can do is just follow the lines, just take it from there and try to find the key.”

Dr Javid said he and his team had made the piece in a very simple way, using only a simple square of clay and a couple of small nails.

“That’s it,” he exclaimed.

“If you’ve got a lot more time, and you have a good hammer, you can get even bigger pieces.”

You can get a whole building or a whole village with it.

And I think it’s very special.

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