What is a ceramic composite?

Posted May 14, 2018 05:09:21A ceramic composite (AC) is a lightweight polymer that is manufactured by using the same manufacturing process for all of the components, including the glass.

The material is then bonded together in a process called superglue and coated with a ceramic resin that protects it from scratches, water damage and the environment.

ACs are often used in high-end glass products, such as ceramic chandeliers, and in high performance sports cars.

AC has been used to create high-performance displays, including a curved OLED display in the Samsung Galaxy S8.

A new study published in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces suggests that ceramic composite technology could be used to make new and more flexible glass displays.

“The idea of ceramic composite is not new, but it’s important to have it in the right places and to have a scalable manufacturing process,” said study author Mark Dickson, a researcher at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

“We wanted to explore how we could create ceramic composite in a new way.”

In the study, researchers from the University at Buffalo in New York and UC Santa Cruz, along with collaborators at the National Science Foundation and University of Michigan, collaborated to create ceramic composites that were both flexible and highly durable.

The researchers created the composite using a single polymer layer and a combination of superglues and ceramics that were bonded together with a resin that protected the ceramic composite.

The composite was then tested on a flexible screen using a new method called hydrogel lithography.

The researchers tested ceramic composite by creating ceramic sheets from the composite and using it to create glass displays that could be stretched and curved.

They also tested the composite on a high-resolution screen that could accommodate the screen.

In addition to being flexible, the researchers say that ceramic composics can also be flexible.

“A ceramic composite is a flexible material, but its flexibility can be achieved by using more layers of ceramic, and this can also help with its performance,” Dickson said.

“With a composite, it’s not just a simple material.

It’s a system, and if it can be configured to perform the same function, then it can perform a lot of different functions.”

Researchers say that the ceramic compositions they created can be used for many applications, including window, door and wall panels, as well as in high tech displays.

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