Supermodel and model of the year! #MTVVault7 teaser trailer for MTV’s “The Vault”

A teaser trailer debuted on Tuesday featuring the star of “Teen Mom 2” Amber Portwood and her “Vault 7” co-stars.

Portwood, who has starred on “Teen and Other” since the show premiered in 2014, is joined by the co-star of the upcoming season of “The Walking Dead” Matt Bomer, “Dancing with the Stars” contestant and reality star J.D. McEnany, and a number of other celebrities.

The video was released via Instagram by MTV’s senior vlogger David Binder and “The Miserable” vloggers.

Portos is also seen in the video with her boyfriend, “Gemma,” and a group of people in the “Vaults.”

“Vox Machina” actress, James Marsden, was also featured in the teaser.

“I’m so excited for MTV, and I’m just thrilled that I can get to do the whole vault thing.

It’s a fun, super exciting way to see the world,” said Portwood in a statement to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 5.

“It was so awesome to have the chance to show off all of the new stuff, and now that I have my vault, I’ll be able to show all of my friends how cool it is.

I can’t wait for everybody to get to see it.

I have so much fun and so much respect for all the people who are helping make this so special and so exciting for all of us!”

The teaser trailer is the first time Portwood has appeared on MTV in years.

In 2014, she was a guest on “The Talk,” a popular podcast from The View where host Rachel Jeantel introduced Portwood to her co-hosts.

“We had a great time,” Portwood said.

“She is so cool and so fun.

We just started hanging out, and we’re very close.

She’s always so funny.

She is very supportive of me, and she’s always nice to me.

So, she is my biggest fan, and so I really feel like this is the next step for me.”

The Miserably co-founder and “Velvet Goldmine” star is currently on a three-week world tour.

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