5 photos of the week of the woman who captured the viral moment she was hit by a bus

We know the impact of bus collisions.

It’s one of the most traumatic things you can experience on the road.

But when it happens to someone with a rare genetic disorder, that trauma is compounded by a host of physical and mental challenges.

The woman in the video above is one of them.

In her early 20s, Shira Tischler was working as a volunteer coordinator at a community college in Washington state when a bus hit her.

The driver, who was wearing a helmet, fled the scene but her condition deteriorated.

By the time she was taken to the hospital, she was in a coma and had lost more than 80 percent of her body weight.

Tischler has since been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a degenerative brain disease.

The disease, which afflicts between 15 and 25 percent of people with the condition, can cause severe loss of coordination and paralysis.

The ALS research team at Johns Hopkins University’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has identified more than 60,000 people who have the disease and they’ve been treating Tischlers patients for the past three decades.

But as they work to find a cure, they’re also looking for ways to prevent or even reverse the effects of the disease.

In a new study, they’ve created a composite image of the brain of a person with ALS and created a video of the process in which they achieved that result.

In the video, Tischling is seen wearing an artificial intelligence-generated helmet, and she’s shown holding a hand and walking slowly on a wheelchair.

Her movements are captured in the helmet’s image.

The composite image was created from six frames captured by a high-speed camera on the shoulder of the man in the photo.

The images were then composited into a single image and uploaded to a public server that allowed researchers to analyze how each frame influenced the resulting composite image.

The researchers say the composite is “well-suited for future research in the field of functional imaging.”

The composite shows a lot of changes to Tischlings brain as she moves in the image.

Her right brain shows a larger area of gray matter, which the researchers describe as a “neural network” that connects parts of her brain.

The left brain shows less gray matter in a different region of the body.

The white matter is thicker in the left brain, and it also contains smaller amounts of gray in the center of the image, as well as a region called the corpus callosum.

Researchers say that this white matter structure is also a marker for the severity of the condition.

In addition, they note that the white matter changes show up in different regions of Tisch’s brain in different ways.

For example, they found that the corpus Callosum, a large brain region that carries information about movement, is smaller in her right hemisphere.

The researchers say that they hope to identify other regions that show different patterns of changes in the person with the disease, and to understand how the individual’s brain responds to these changes.

In the meantime, they say, they want to continue to learn more about Tischles condition and learn how her brain works in the context of other people with ALS.

“It’s important to understand that the person’s brain and body are not the same thing,” said Dr. Michael Breen, a professor of neurology and neurology at Johns’s Langone Medical Center and an associate professor of neuroscience at Johns’ Hopkins.

“So it’s important for us to understand and use these other systems to understand the disease process and how it’s affected the individual.”

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