How to Get Your Foot in the Coffin of the New Urban Style

I’ve been talking a lot about how people in the New York City area have embraced the “new urban style” as an idea and are moving away from the “urban” that was the focus of the 1970s.They’re moving towards the new “post-urban” style of a more suburban/citizen-centric aesthetic.It is now common to see people walking […]

How to install composite deckings

I recently had the chance to install a composite deck with a coating of epoxy resin to protect my deck from scratches.The epoxy was applied directly onto the surface of my deck, and this allowed me to use it as an insulating material without the need for any glue.After it was installed, the coating allowed […]

How to Make a Marble Composition Diary

New York magazine has a new book out, and it’s titled How to Be a Marble Composer.It’s a collection of stories about the people, places, and things that make up the landscape of Manhattan, and how to capture the beauty of that landscape and make it meaningful to you.The collection is a collaboration between the […]

What is a ceramic composite?

Posted May 14, 2018 05:09:21A ceramic composite (AC) is a lightweight polymer that is manufactured by using the same manufacturing process for all of the components, including the glass.The material is then bonded together in a process called superglue and coated with a ceramic resin that protects it from scratches, water damage and the environment.ACs […]

How to get the best of Irish floors in Dublin

The best Irish flooring in Dublin has to do with its materials and the way they’re constructed.The best floors in the city, on the other hand, are made from wood, which, unlike other materials, doesn’t rot and won’t rust.If you can’t find anything that’s worth your time, don’t worry.There are plenty of floors out there […]

A post-pandemic world of art in the shadow of Brexit

Post-Brexit Britain has been hit by an economic slowdown and the spectre of a second Brexit.But it’s also been hit with an artistic renaissance, with a new wave of artistic work emerging in the wake of the Brexit vote.Artworks from the period were often made by artists who’d never before been in the public eye. One […]

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